Stand Up To Boost Productivity

There is no doubt that standing desks are good for your body and boost your productivity. But where is the proof?

Texas A&M's recent study concluded that the proper use of a standing desk can increase productivity by an astounding 46%!

The researchers examined the productivity differences between two groups of call center employees over the course of six months and found that those with stand-capable workstations—those in which the worker could raise or lower the desk to stand or sit as they wished throughout the day—were about 46 percent more productive than those with traditional, seated desk configurations.

The study found that not only can standing desks burn more calories and fight obesity, but standing desk can even help improve attention and cognitive functioning.

This ground breaking research proves that standing desk can improve health and boost productivity whether your are at the office or in the classroom. BUT... the real key to unlocking the potential to each standing desk is how it is used by the end user.

Standlogix ensures that your standing desk is used in the most effective way to promote health and boost productivity.

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