New study reveals that standing all day is just as bad as sitting..... StandLogix has the solutions for that.

A study, published in a recent issue of the American Journal of Epidemiology, followed 7,320 participants — half of them men and half women — for 12 years, comparing data about their job types and medical histories. The participants’ jobs were grouped by category — those that involved primarily sitting; primarily standing; a combination of sitting, standing and walking; or a combination of other body positions such as crouching and bending.

The take away from the study states, it’s that staying in any one position — whether that is standing or sitting — is bad for your health. The key is alternating between those positions and incorporating other stress-relieving movement, like walking or stretching as often as possible throughout the day.

Fortunately Standlogix is the answer these problems, and it proves that it’s not the desk that is the answer, but how you use it.

StandLogix maximizes the health and productivity benefits of standing desks by reminding users to sit and stand throughout their day, incorporating healthy movement that avoids both mental and physical fatigue.

StandLogix activity data can reduce an employer’s insurance premiums as well as improve risk assessment algorithms for insurance providers. Think FitBit for Standing desks.

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