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Reduce Sedentary Worker Health Costs

Boost Focus, Energy, and Productivity

Wellness for Desk-bound Workers

Increase Standing Desk Utilization and ROI

1/4th the cost of a standing desk, for 5X the benefit

Sedentary employees cost $3,000 extra each year, a primary contributor to standing desks being the fastest growing employer benefit since 2013, resulting in a $2.8Bn market exhibiting double-digit growth. However, without guidance, the average user only stands for 1/5th of what experts recommend — Leaving 80% of the available benefits unrealized.

Effortlessly Keep Track

Designed to work with any type of standing desk, StandLogix' desk-mounted device senses when someone iw at a desk, who they are, and whether they are sitting or standing.

When standing desks are paired with an activity measurement and engagement system like StandLogix, the resulting data from analyzing facilities layout performance can maximize occupancy and reduces real estate expenses.

Stay Engaged and Motivated

Tailored to each users unique biometrics and goals, StandLogix subtly guides users between sitting and standing, rewarding healthy movement.

StanLogix' device and dashboard work together to deliver a connected experience. Increased utilization, engagement, and benefits are obtained when adding friendly team-to-team challenges.

Like a FitBit® For Desks

StandLogix bridges a significant gap in employee wellness — desk-bound worker engagement — by enabling employers to implement, measure and manage, sustainable and effective initiatives where and when employees are working.

An Engaging, Gamified Experience

StandLogix’s Dashboard helps Users better understand their sit/stand activity, the resulting calories burned, and tracking of Team-to-Team challenge stats that leverage friendly completion to build social cohesion and drive sustainable engagement.

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Set Sit/Stand Goals
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Measure Calories Burned
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Track Activity
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Gamified Team-to-Team Challenges

Simple Pricing

$119 per device
+ $2.99 per month per device

Return On Investment

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