“It’s not so much that I want to win, it’s more that I want the other team to not win – that’s what makes it fun.”
— ParkiFi StandLogix user

Intrinsic Motivation

At the core of sustainable behavior change.

StandLogix applies game mechanics to create a fun and engaging user experience. From individual-focused little wins and achievements or team-to-team challenges that spur friendly competition – Standlogix makes wellness at work fun and rewarding.

Team-to-Team Challenges create friendly competition and further promote a team's social cohesion.


Weekly email Summaries allow for meaningful touch-points that illustrate once boring data in a very tangible way.

“It’s pretty cool to see how getting of my butt for a few hours a day can make such a big impact – nice to see the tangible weight loss each week”
— ParkiFi StandLogix user