Founded with a passion for adaptive workplaces, fueled by remarkable ideas

Erik Carver – Founder and CEO of StandLogix – was in a motorcycle accident in 2008, resulting in a broken back in three places and a shattered collarbone; most unfortunately he was left with permanent nerve damage and chronic pain whenever sitting down for longer than 30 minutes. His multi-year journey to finding a way to work pain free concluded with an adjustable sit/stand desk.

This was the impetus for StandLogix, and the team's underlaying committed to lowering the barriers to adoption of sit/stand workstations for everyone.

StandLogix was spun out of a B2B electric standing desk company called The unDesk; this previous venture enabled Erik and his team to gain intimate knowledge of the standing desk world; ore specifically, what was missing.


 Erik Carver (Founder/CEO)

Erik Carver (Founder/CEO)

Erik Carver is a serial entrepreneur, StandLogix being his 6th venture.  Erik's natural curiosity and passion for creating opportunity where the status quo is doing "just fine", blended perfectly to build StandLogix. A hands-on kind of guy, Erik has been instrumental in managing the development StandLogix' product; a truly novel technology.

Erik is on a personal mission to change the way we all work at a desk forever.

 Mickey Poppitz (Engineering)

Mickey Poppitz (Engineering)

Mickey Poppitz is an electronics engineer and roboticist, in his 30+ years, he's worked for NASA and other high=profile government organizations. 

Currently specializing in end-to-end IoT solutions, Mickey also is an expert in server and database administration, with project management experience in a wide variety of businesses. 

Mickey has received several awards for web design as well.