Sensor intelligence for ALL standing desks


StandLogix is the next evolutionary step in the workplace; bringing sensor intelligence for all standing desks to optimize usage, foster healthier employees and create leverageable data – effectively de-risking employee groups – that can lower insurance premiums and improve risk assessment for insurance providers.

  • Enterprise-focused SaaS (Solution as a Service) 
  • Desk mounted devices are a universal solution, easily mounted to any type of standing desk
  • Senses when somebody is present, who they are and whether they're sitting or standing
  • Subtle notifications prompt users to switch between sitting and standing throughout the day
  • 100% passive
  • Rewards optimal desk utilization in a sustainable, healthy and fun way via subtle notifications, gamification, monetary incentive and team-to-team challenges
  • StandLogix is a measurable initiative as well, with employee sentiment – via low-touch pulse surveys – powered by RoundPegg.

Integration options to suit your needs

Available as a standalone solution for individuals and companies without a wellness/benefits Platform

StandLogix is easily integrated into existing health/wellness/benefits platforms