the next evolutionary step in smart workplaces


Less than 5 Percent of the 8 million standing desks in the US are used optimally; a massive lost opportunity for increased employee health, productivity and engagement.  StandLogix is tackling this problem head-on – with sensor intelligence for any standing desk – through simply measuring, motivating and rewarding optimal desk usage.  

Driven by one's unique biometric profiles, StandLogix guides users to incorporate healthy movement – sitting and standing – throughout their day to avoid fatigue and foster healthier, more productive employees while they’re actually working.
Our patent pending, device-enabled SaaS knows when someone is present at a desk, who they are, and whether they're sitting or standing. StandLogix data – effectively de-risking an employee group – can be leveraged to gain lower insurance premiums, while also creating more effective risk-assessment algorithms for Insurance companies.